Jul 2, 2012

Kalon Studios

When I was pregnant with Charlie, I dreamed a big colourful dream about how his nursery would be. One of the stars of that dream was the turquoise caravan crib from Kalon Studios.
I love the products from Kalon Studios bigtime. I think their intent to be a sustainable company is so fitting for where design and production need to be these days. I always like a brand more if they produce with integrity don't you? You can read a little more about them here. Its a beautiful sentiment.

This customisable poster is to die for and has got to be a truly fantastic new baby gift. Its a great artwork to have up documenting your little ones first year of life.

You can add extra icons and a bust silhouette. This would look fabulous framed and mounted down the hallway-one for each child. And the kids would feel so special! You can order one here.

Some fun for the toddler in your life is the Hut Hut (Giddy up for camels!) rocking seat. Its a new interpretation of the rocking horse and made from 100% recyclable resin.

 Available in a range of candy colours. Here.

Kalon Studios was recently a finalist in the 2012 Natural Child World Excellence Awards. The award takes into account the companies social impact, footprint and ingredients as well as design and function.

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