Apr 24, 2012

The Best Baby Bags

I am constantly on the hunt for the perfect bag to tote around all the paraphernalia that comes with having babies. Having an eight year age gap between my second and third boys, I had forgotten exactly how many things I need on me when I walk out the door every day. I want a smart bag. In looks and function.
 There are bags here to suit your style and I particularly love the ones for Dads. I hope this helps if you are currently sharing my dilemma!

* First up these incredibly well thought out bags from PacaPod.
PacaPod bags take away the rummaging that goes on looking for keys, wipes or a plastic bag. Life is busy enough with kids and by being organised, you remove that extra stress.
The creator a former clothing designer, spent time cycling around the world with all her possessions in two bicycle panniers. With her eye for design and the experience of travelling light and being organised, she is filling a gap in the market for great looking practical baby bags.

The Parent bag is great for Dads. I am yet to get my husband out of the house carrying our current baby bag ( Cath Kidston saddle bag) so I'm rather tempted!

There are bags for the office and casual bags as well as bags for travelling and bags for the kids.

The website has great tips for travelling with children and also how to best pack your baby bag depending on the age and needs of the children and outing. Very smart

Il Tutto is a brand that makes very beautiful baby bags. My favourite will always be the Mia in red but the range incorporates styles for everyone. The chocolate brown Brigitte tote is part of their 'baby bag in Disguise' range. It is a chic oversized design and fits all your essentials while still being light to carry. Being unable to attach the bag to the pram or stroller is a deal breaker for me and the Il Tutto bags have the straps and clips to do just that.

* From Monique Accessories you will find the 'Work With Me Baby' bag. A lovely one for every situation in classic crunched leather and roomy enough to fit the gear. When you are no longer using this bag for baby gear, it makes an excellent laptop/ work or weekend bag.
* The Rachael Ruddick baby bag is elegant. How nice to be able to say that about something that hides nappies and rash cream! 
Don't be fooled by the glamorous looks. The 'Convertible' comes with a matching change mat and pockets for organising so you will have everything you need at hand whenever you want it.
* Storksak are a favourite among celebrities. The new Sofia in tan (LOVE IT) is just beautiful and they also make a 'dad bag' called 'Jamie'.  Lots of compartments and those all important stroller straps are available too. I love front pockets. It is so nice to be able to separate your Kiehls lipgloss and your iphone from the pacifier and sunglasses isnt it? I also fancy the Sophia for weekends away. Very chic.

So those are my favourites at the moment. Various budgets, some leather, some synthetic but all fulfilling our desire to organise ourselves AND look good. To be honest there are many labels out there with fabulous baby bags but when I narrowed it down, these were the ones that made it to my wish list.


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