Mar 28, 2012

A Truly Fabulous Tintin Party

Last week I was contacted by a very talented lady named Katy. She had seen my sons Tintin bookweek costume (over at my other blog) and wanted to share the absolutely fabulous Tintin party she and her husband had created for her sons eighth birthday party. I think you will agree that this is one very lucky boy. I think you will also agree that Katy and her husband clearly thoroughly enjoyed the task they set themselves!
The Tintin 'wallpaper' idea was found by Katy on Pinterest apparently from a bookstore in Bath in the UK. They were very sad to take it down and I can see why. Its looks wonderful.

I love the typewriter prop.
These whoopie pies with the speech bubbles are so fun. Katy also made giant speech bubbles and stuck them up around the house.

Katy's husband made the chocolate cigars from Cigars of the Pharoah and these sugar cookies are to die for.

Katy took inspiration from Stephanies blog for this tempting stack of favour boxes. And look what was inside each one. Lucky party guests.

Old tomato soup cans were cleaned and re wrapped with Crabe Extra labels. These served as a fun decoration but were also used as a game.    
 *see the end of this post.
I love the Tintin bunting. A party just has to have bunting to be a real party as far a I'm concerned.
The cake is a work of art isnt it!
Katy put a Tintin spin on some traditional games:

*There is an old party game known as 'The Chocolate Game', which is played by sitting in a circle, tossing a dice and if you throw a double, running to a pile of clothing and getting on as many items as you can then eating as much as you can from a block of chocolate using a knife and fork. You do this until the next person rolls a double. 
In the Tintin version, the children had to dress as Tintin and instead of cutting into a block of chocolate, there was a box of Red Rackham's treasure in the centre ( chocolate gold coins).

* Red Rackhams treasure had been 'discovered' during a treasure hunt game where the boys had to use balloons, scrolls and a map to seek it out.

* The post-it note game where you have a character stuck to you forehead and ask everybody questions to try and guess who you are. They had Tintin, Snowy, Captain Haddock, Thompson and Thompson, Professor Calculus to name a few.

* Tossing Snowys 'bone' at the pyramid, made from the cans of Crabe Extra, to knock them down.

I think this party is absolutely fantastic. My Tintin enthusiasts have already put their party orders in.

Well done Katy and thank you so much for sharing!


  1. So much work! Awesome party, we love Tin Tin. Thanks for (re) sharing.

  2. Katy needs to open up her own party planning business. I would be her first customer!! FANTASTIC!


  3. Now I want to see the movie. I am so smitten with this post, I almost want to say that I love it. Love is a word I promise not to use lightly so . . .

    I wish I were young enough to have such a party. Wish I'd been invited to this one, although I know I am way too old. I want a trampoline just like theirs. I want to have moments like theirs. Alas, I cannot, so I must have more such moments of my own. If I could, I would vote this my favorite post of this new year. Thank you.

  4. I can't find the graphic for the Crabbe cans... where did you find them? We are doing a treasure hunt and the clues are strips of comics with the bubble text re-written!

  5. Kyaaah! Katy and her husband did an adorable job! To think that they did all those party stuff; I tip my hat to their hard work. To Limner, who says you can’t have such a party? No matter how old you are, no one can stop you from hosting your dream party theme. I’m saying this because even at my age, I’m still planning my own princess birthday bash. :D

    Tucker Inman

  6. I live in South Africa. My husband loves Tintin. I am thinking about Tintin party theme for his birthday. Where can I find those images to print?

  7. I'd love to know where she got the cake figurine and the comic around the base of the cake.