Jun 30, 2012

Childs Own Studio

This is such a beautiful thing to do! I know we've seen the idea of re-creating our childs art before, but in truth how many of us have actually sat down and turned a small persons masterpiece into a physical friend? Wendy Tsao is using her creative flair to breath life into those artworks in a beautiful and honest way.

Childs Own Studio is the place to send your childs drawing/artwork and Wendy Tsao will work her magic.

As an artist and mother living in Vancouver, she created Childs Own Studio after making a recognisable comforting toy for a four year old boy based on his drawing. Since then the business has grown into an entity that celebrates a childs creativity by handcrafting a one of a kind toy based on their artwork.

The details and colours are reproduced as closely as possible to the artwork so that the child immediately recognises the toy when it arrives. Isnt it wonderful!

For details on sending in your childs drawings to be brought to life, have a look at Wendys website.
*All photographs are from Wendy Tsao. For more details about them and the artists behind them go to her website.

Thanks for the tip off Heidi!

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