Jun 9, 2012

Oliver Jeffers

Do you love the books by Oliver Jeffers? My boys were first sent 'How To Catch A Star' from my sister in the Uk back when they were little. It became an immediate favourite.

Since then, we have steadily collected them over the years and recently were lucky enough to listen to him talk about his work and life when he visited Australia. I happily grabbed his newest picture book, 'The Hueys' and got that signed for the baby. One of the lovely things about having a tiny person in the house again, is that I can indulge in things that weren't around when the big boys were tiny, such as Oliver Jeffers pop up books and board books.

I found Oliver Jeffers to be an extremely entertaining person. It was also, of course, really interesting to hear how he goes about creating a story and he completes his illustrations in photoshop these days!

If you have not seen the award winning animated film of 'Lost and Found', watch the trailer here and be
tempted. It is lovely no matter what your age is. I highly recommend getting a copy.

Have a good look around his website-he has an enormous body of work and fingers in many pies. 

*He is looking for the writer of a letter sent to him from the Isle of Wight, if you can help.

I felt compelled to mention that, as my Grandparents lived in Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight, and I spent many many summer school holidays freezing to death during our long visits and feeding sugar cubes to the white pony at the top of the road. 

*click on the image for the trailer

*images from Oliver Jeffers

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  1. love the illustrations. i'll have to look for these!