Jun 11, 2012

Jellystone Designs

There are teethers and there are teethers. Then there are the mum friendly delights of Jellystone Designs.
When Charlie began teething, anything I had around my neck was fair game and so began the never ending necklace extraction. His other favourite, is to grab the resin bangles I often wear. I am not interested in him chewing or sucking on these for his health as much as for their safety.

After seeing the silicone jewellery from Jellystone Design, I was really keen to review the product. I suspected I would love the pieces. What I hadn't realise was how much Charlie would love the pieces. LOVE them.
He has spent much of the last week like this-

I received the 'Organic Pendant' and the 'Organic Bangle' and was thrilled when they arrived. They are both lovely designs and very 'me'. Each piece came in its own box and I think they make fantastic gifts. What a fabulous thing to give a new mum!

The range of colours available is delicious and you could have some serious fun stacking them up. I also think the price point is terrific. They look so good, you would be forgiven for thinking they were more expensive.

One of the things I really love about the pendant is that when I'm holding Charlie, he can hook his finger inside the pendant, tug it and swing it. This is especially useful when I'm nursing him as it wards off that repetitive looking around during a feed that babies do as they get a little older. Playing with the pendant kept him occupied enough to pay attention to the task, and I wasn't worried that he would snap the chain as I would be if it were another piece of jewellery. The clasp on the pendant is a breakaway so if he tugs too hard it will just release itself. Now he has been tugging hard enough to hurt my neck, but not hard enough for the clasp to open, so it can take a fair amount of baby play!

The bangle has been regularly taken off and passed to him in the pram to stave off baby grizzles. If he drops it I don't worry-just rinse it off under warm water (or give it a quick clean with a wipe) and hand it back. The silicone is firm enough for his gums to get some relief as he chews on them, and I find them really comfortable to wear.

Tamara Grieve has cleverly managed to fill the void where something absolutely necessary for your baby can be absolutely fabulous for you. There is a great range to choose from. She has also produced a 'Juniors' range for children over the age of three and, of course, no baby is required if you fancy some bright fun jewels to adorn yourself with. There is a very cool robot pendant that one of my big boys would love and one of my friends without children is going to snap up the beaded necklace for herself.

The products are made from food grade silicone, FDA approved and, with regular toxicity testing, they also comply with European Safety Standards. You can read all the facts here and be assured of the quality product you are purchasing.

Over the last week I have got into the habit of putting the Jellystone jewellery on as I'm walking out the door with the children. I have never felt in any way that I am wearing anything less than some funky jewelery for myself. Friends have admired them repeatedly which is a lovely confidence booster. In fact one was a little alarmed when I took off the bangle and handed it to Charlie not realising how very clever my bangle was at double duty!
I found I was enormously impressed with this product and very happily recommend it to you.

*This is a sponsored post for Jellystone Designs.
  You can read more about sponsorship here.

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