Jun 17, 2012

Lego Relativity

 Lets start the week with something absolutely brilliant shall we?
 Paul Vermeesch has spent six months constructing his reenactment of M.C Eschers 'Relativity', as an internally lit, 1foot square model Star Wars Trilogy format in Lego.
 Yes. He. Did.

This diorama even has a theatre in the back playing Lego's version of the Star Wars saga to a minifig audience.

This is the original work by Escher.

  This is Pauls brain twister. 

Paul has built the scenes to coordinate as closely as possible with the proportions and direction of the artwork while bringing his own unique vision to life.

 He has just exhibited this amazing work at  'Brickworld' in Chicago. You can find out more about his ideas and technique here.

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