Jun 22, 2012

Alfie's Friday Favourite

Do you like these? Would you do it??

 I'm torn between thinking they are crazily impractical ( cue children clambering all over them or large bodies of liquid being spilled ) and finding them irresistible and wanting them in my home right this minute.
According to Karton I needn't worry. These products are made from high grade corrugated recyclable board, and are incredibly strong. My spilling fears are solved with fast action and an absorbent cloth. Leave it on there and there will be a stain but no soggy bookcase or double bed. Phew!

Yes kids you can draw on your furniture.
Ok lets be honest-if we have some of these very cool products in our home we can ALL draw on our furniture...
I really fancy a Ram bookcase in the boys room. Decked out in their Tintin books what could be sweeter.

1 comment:

  1. Wouldn't the sheep shelf be perfect for wool storage, too?