Apr 4, 2012

Travelling with Children

I'm a firm believer in travelling with your children as soon as you are able. If they grow up doing it, they are less likely to wig out at inappropriate moments and more likely to have a broad understanding and appreciation of different people and places as they grow up. Thats not to say they wont lose it in the check in line or perform a shrieking 'drop and rotate' in the foyer at the MOMA, but they will soon begin to find a rhythm within your holiday routine and even enjoy it with you. Marvelling at the delights other places have to offer, takes on a whole other level when your children find something fascinating too. Travel is educational and loads of fun.

Living in Australia has meant that when we go to visit my sister in the UK, we spend at least 24 hours in transit. The normal flight time is 23 hours with a refuelling stop. Thats before there have been any hold ups.
Thankfully the airlines have entertainment on tap and food seems to come in a constant stream so its really a novelty and our boys have always lapped it up. There is that big baby/ toddler stage that is a challenge (how much stuff does a small person need?!) but it is still manageable and, even if you feel its not in some moments, its a short time in the grand scheme of things. Once you get there it will be worth it.
I know people who swear by renting a villa or an apartment wherever they are as its much easier with the family. Others want the comforts of a gorgeous hotel because that feels like more of a holiday.
Wherever you plan to travel to and how you plan to do it, there are websites that can make your life easier by doing the bulk of organising for you.

Ski Italy This website is run by an Italian living in Australia. She has a professional skiing family background and young children who could out ski many down a mountain. She regularly travels back and forth with them to Italy and has a vast knowledge of where and when to stay if wanting a white holiday with your kids. She also covers the areas in summer too which look absolutely postcard.

Ciao Bambino A group of women from around the world all contribute to running this website. They all have children and love to travel with their families. They cover Europe, Hawaii and the Caribbean and have successfully helped hundreds of families find a way to holiday around the world with their children.

Travel With Kidz This is an another Australian based website but covers resorts and travel all around the world. They will plan your trip, organise things and often feature great specials. Their expertise in planning your family holiday is extensive.

Five Star Kids This is the way we all want to travel at some point. Specialising in luxurious travel around the world, their top spots for an amazing family holiday is a list I wish I could work my way through.

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  1. I agree, traveling with children is such a brilliant way to bring them up. We have just moved to Australia from the UK and the flight was pretty challenging with a 1yo and a 3yo, the 3 yo was fine but its tough for little ones when they want to move around! I think the more of the world they can experience the better though