Apr 10, 2012

Imps & Elfs

Welcome back. I hope you had a fabulous Easter break!
I thought I'd start off with another favourite. When I find a stylish, beautifully constructed and designed super cool range with a heavy boys line, well, I'm a gonner.

Imps & Elfs is doing it for me this week. They work with MADE-BY which is a subsidiary of the Dutch fair trade organisation. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that clothes are produced completely free of child labour and made from organic cotton. Imps and Elfs label began in 1997 with the idea to be a modest childrens label concentrating on the shape of the child. They now sell all over the world with the design studio and flagship store in Amsterdam.

 I'm especially loving their cheeky styling. Have a look at their website. They have some fun uploads so you can play around with your childrens photo like this too.

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