Feb 28, 2013

animal cushions

We have a lot of different fabric prints in our home but there is nothing quite as fun as laying back on an animal. Remember printing photographs on fabric at school? So much fun!

I've mentioned products from the fabulous Danish Design and restaurant company By Nord before, here, but today I want to show you some of their very cool cushions. Make sure you have another look at the bedding while you're there too. Love. It. The design house part of the group began in 2008 with a range of products and an enduring theme. Whilst they add to the collections the staples stay the same and the photographic prints aren't going anywhere thankfully.

 Funnily enough in december 2008 I stood in a boutique in Lille with an owl face cushion in one hand and a bulldog in the other. Being terribly indecisive, and with the Aussie dollar in meltdown at the time, I bought neither but I never stopped picturing them in our big leather chair. God I wish I had! Such a great look.
Any of these would be well loved by the boys big and small in this house. I'm rather tempted by the sweet little hedgehog myself. Maybe with Charlie as an excuse.......

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