Jan 4, 2013

the nursery wall

By that I don't mean fabulous finds to put on the nursery wall. I mean using a bit of wall as your babies nursery when that is all you've got.

This is our baby Charlies 'nursery'. It is the wall space between the bedroom door and the built-in wardrobes at the end of our bed. He doesn't even have a whole wall to himself and yet it is very much his space. It measures less than two metres ( 2 and a bit yards) of space but it is used simply and it works really well for now.

Firstly, we didn't buy a full sized cot but rather a European size. At 120cm x 60cm (2ft x 4ft) it is plenty for him and a little less encroaching on our space. Kept white and simple also has low visual impact.

Above the cot we installed an Ikea Ribba picture shelf. This wasn't centred between the door and the wardrobes but instead above where the cot sits. We still need to access the last wardrobe door easily. Because this is a narrow shelf with a lip, I can confidently display some pieces without worrying about them falling. I have also hung a couple of treasures.

Now that he is standing up though, the mobile has been moved higher and to the end for safety.
It was really important to me to be able to decorate his little space.

A door stop pony? Ok so Rody would probably sniff at being called a door stop but the wooden one we had was always being picked up and tossed by Charlie and so was never there when you needed it. A lot of door banging into the cot was going on. Enter Rody (his first birthday present) who looks cute and keeps the door from swinging all the way open.

My beloved Design House Stockholm Carrie shopping basket was attached to the end of the cot with some plain ribbon. In it Charlie has his friends. He can access them whenever he wants and it keeps his favourites off the floor.

Underneath the cot we have white wicker storage baskets ( again Ikea-what would we do without it!) and a fabric bucket I made to store socks and hats. The baskets holds wipes and creams and the nappies are tucked away behind so neat but easily accessible.


Cot- Mothercare
Shelf -Ikea
Carrie shopping basket
You Are My Sunshine print-Etsy
Rabbit in hat - Maileg
Japanese paper balloons
Dracula and Alice In Wonderland books
Orla Kiely book
Baby cardigan made by me
Knitted Rabbit made by me
Felt bunting made by me-cut the triangles and machine them onto a length of thread-easy!
Felted cloud cushion in cot made by me-I felted an old jumper, cut out the shape and matched the face with the mobile
Cloud felted mobile by me-originally designed as a pram chain
Quilt by me
Herbert doll standing in cot by me for Charlie for Christmas
Blanket by me
Quilt on our bed by me ( Swoon pattern)


  1. Hello - I don't think I have ever commented here before but really enjoy both your blogs. This is such a lovely space you have made for Charlie. I love that 99% of what makes it special is made by you for him. I managed to break my ankle and snap the tendon in my leg whilst 7 months pregnant and have been wheelchair bound and unable to complete my new daughters room. I think besides the fact I cannot carry her until after my next surgery this has been the hardest thing to deal with. I love making things for my babies, and as my 4th she is definitely my last! Thanks for sharing Charlie's beautiful space. Rebecca

    1. Hi Rebecca. I'm so sorry about your leg. Awful. I tore a tendon on my right arm years ago. Shocking pain. Being unable to do the simple things is so hard but having a new baby must make it incredibly frustrating. I hope the next surgery goes really well and you recover fast so you can carry your beautiful girl. And get her space finished : )
      Im so grateful you enjoy both my blogs. Thats lovely to hear.
      Take care!
      Clare x

  2. Beautiful Clare - looks fantastic. You're created a gorgeous space for him!