Dec 5, 2012

anywayup cups-a happy return

I have just spent some money and I couldnt be happier. When our big boys were small I read about a non leaking cup. A really 'honest to god this thing does not leak a drop' kind of a cup. So I had some sent form the UK. Eventually they turned up here with a ridiculous price tag and then other companies such as Tommee Tippee brought out their version ( copy).

I read about creator of the cup Mandy Haberman and something about the patent being pending. So I bought every design I could of the authentic cup.
And I kept them. Ok I'm a sook. But I have such memories of these cups particularly the yellow 'smiley' version Oliver used and, when we would head off to playgroup, Henry always had a beaker tucked under his arm like a security blanket.
We loved them. And they vanished.
They are back! I have been tearing my hair out with Charlies leaky sippy cups and wishing like crazy the original 'anywayup cup' would make a return and it has. Even with a couple of super cute new designs. So I have tossed our old lids and ordered some spare for the cup as well as a new beaker. If they would just bring back the 'smiley cup' and some new colours ( orange would be nice) I will fill the drawer.

*this is NOT a sponsored post-I'm just sharing exciting news.
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