Nov 20, 2012

christmas gift guide part two- ages 4-8

It starts to get a little tricky with this age bracket I find. They aren't really little boys but not yet big boys either and I have never met a four year old who didn't think he could take on the world. This selection covers the boy who wants adventure and imaginary play or the boy who wants to cook dinner. Most likely the same boy in our house.
I know I put a nerf gun on here but honestly I think they can be great. I did not think this to begin with but watching my sweaty boys burning off the energy that would normally be reserved for kicking a ball up the hallway is a good thing. We don't allow discs though-I think that is asking for injury.
Most importantly if you embrace the Nerf guns-make sure they have one each or you'll be "played with". Having your glass of wine spilt because your little sweetie just fired at you while you were serenely sitting on the picnic blanket is no fun.

-robotic trex-you can buy walking or biting ( oh the choice!)
-elephant moneybox for the saver

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