Nov 26, 2012

christmas gift guide for the 8-12 boys

Some cool stuff for the bigger boys.

- ipad mini  This is instead of a DS, ipod touch or the other small devices. The ipad mini is a comparable price yet, with the larger screen, is more fun for skyping friends while glued to minecraft or making lego videos

-tintin poster  Tintin is a forever love. Always

-scalextric  The only trouble here is that their dad will be wrestling the controls

-wolf gloves  I found these here on Celina's Pinterest board and think they are simply too cute

-balance board  keep them busy and burn off some hormones on concentration

-lego architecture. This a stunning series. Not very big and incredibly detailed

-bandit hoodie from Stella Mcartney. Too. Cool

-airfix model kit. 

I'll be back with my stocking fillers and wish lists for parents. Its so close now isnt it!

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