Jun 24, 2012

Not Rational

No they are possibly not, but damn it I want one. Being an ex costume/stylist woman myself and forever suffering from extreme bag desire, I love that Fabiana Trosman has followed her path from costume to the most delicious of bags labels. Not Rational bags are divine. Its a lust thing.

Ok so the price would put a lot of people off but then, if like me, you can talk yourself around to recognising the deep joy only a truly beautiful bag can bring....well. You understand.
They are made in the US (yay!) , the change mat is leather, and they are clearly bags you will use long after the baby has no need for it. Its all good if you ask me.

You see, despite my best efforts, I am still yet to own a diaper bag.
I'm indecisive. Its because I want something stroke worthy that can can stand up to a bad tempered sippy cup and have a pocket for Charlies Sophie giraffe and my iphone.

I'm a modern day mama. What can I say.

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