May 16, 2012

'Kiss Her' from 'Not On The High Street'

On Charlies wall right now is this absolutely gorgeous print by Bianca Hall  available from 'Not On The High Street'.

I have loved this print from afar for quite some time so when Not On The High Street asked if I would like to review something from their fantastic online boutique, I jumped at the chance.
 In neon pink pretty please.

When the print from Kiss Her arrived in its sturdy tube packaging (promptly adopted by the small male folk for an "in the works fridge marble run mum"), I was pleased to see it had been carefully wrapped in tissue and bubblewrap safe inside. The quality of the paper, 270gsm acid free, is lovely and thick with a nice subtle texture to it.
The print itself is just beautiful. It is a hand-pulled screen print and the colour is a knock out. Really stunning.
In fact when I lay the print out flat my husband gave a little gasp. Now admittedly this could have been a reflex reaction to the fuel injection of pink that had just entered the house, but for me it summed up the delight I was feeling that this gorgeous thing was to take up residence somewhere on my walls.

The phrase, "Life would be rubbish without you" is what Bianca's husband had engraved on her engagement ring so it is very close to her heart. Such a beautiful sentiment to have displayed in your home don't you think?

Not On The High Street is an online treasure trove of gorgeous product. They have a huge number of designers and boutiques selling their through the online store and are extremely easy to deal with. I have not yet found a product I've wanted, that couldn't be shipped internationally either so, despite being UK based, you can shop quite freely.
 It always erks me when I have found something on a website that I want, only to discover that they won't send it to Australia. With NOTHS there doesn't seem to be that issue at all.

Go and have a look. Its all gorgeous and they have the front page set up so you can pick your occasion,  or person needing spoiling, and go from there if you are at a loss for gift ideas.

Thank you so much Not On The High Street for the opportunity to share one of your beautiful products!

*This post was sponsored by Not On The High Street

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