May 11, 2012

Alfie's Friday Favourite

I'm sorry about the lateness of your 'Friday Favourite' fix. I've had an emotional computer on the brink of a total meltdown. Fingers crossed all good now so lets get on with it!

Have you heard of Swoop? That quick clean up/ pack away that you do when pressed for time is a swoop and these 'Swoop' drawstring bags make it faster.

Designed by Sarah Kirk, a mother of two boys, and inspired by a bag her grandmother made for her brother and then re-invented by her mother for her son in order to corral that Lego chaos, 'Swoop' is a large heavy duty canvas drawstring bag that will contain all those pieces of Lego, trains, Duplo, or cars, open out into a playmat and simply pull tight at the end of play.

Shove it in that cupboard, on that shelf, hang it or dare I say it-under that bed until the next time. There are a great many colours to choose from too.
This might be a sanity saver. You'll just have trouble choosing from the gorgeous colours available but then again you need more than one. Go forth and Swoop away those toys and have a great weekend!

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