Sep 11, 2012

make me iconic

When we were young, we lived up the road from the ferry. My sister and I used to catch the ferry in to town (we didnt call it city back then!) all the time. My Dad rode the ferry to work. It was our "bus".

Now that my sister and I both have children and live across the world from each other, I'm a little thrilled that my niece can enjoy a Sydney ferry too. Even if its in the dry of her London bedroom. 

Make Me Iconic also make a lovely Melbourne tram. Too much fun for the little people getting passengers on and off and both will look great displayed in their rooms too.

And an Aussie food puzzle! They had me at vegemite toast.....

I am really hoping they ship!


  1. I have my eye on the Aussie food puzzle for my US nephew :)

  2. I am hoping they ship too! She is looking forward to her christmas present :-) And it's Sirus! xxxx