Aug 7, 2012

good old fashioned outdoors playtime

What a great idea these are from the Battle Box Company. Created by a mother wanting to provide imaginative traditional play opportunities for her son, these activity boxes inspire the kids to get away from the computer ( does Minecraft rule your life yet?) and have adventures. Even Bear Grills gets in on the action with a Scouts inspired kit. There is the very popular 'Capture the Flag' kit, as well as  'Camping', 'Dangerous Den', 'The Great British Soldiers Kit' and the original 'Battlebox Kit' for starters.

 I have noticed that as much as our boys grumble that they want to play computer games and watch dvds, if we can actually get them outside and into a place with no designated activity, they swell with the possibilities and you can almost see their brains zinging with creative play. And lets face it, boys just LOVE to don a bit of camouflage and play soldiers or build dens. Even better if there is some mud and mum packed some treats.
In fact I am very tempted to get one for a certain almost birthday boy here....

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