Jul 18, 2012

One Fine Stay

Sometimes you stumble across a website thats makes everything alright. Balance is restored. You can live fabulously while travelling with your children.
Getting away from it all with your children just got a whole lot nicer with the accommodation website One Fine Stay. Renting an apartment while you tote the little people around the world is (for most) more sensible than staying in a swanky hotel, but to stay in a comfortable stylish home ? Sounds like heaven to me.

They call themselves the 'unhotel' and they pride themselves on giving you the attention of a fine hotel (bottles of bathroom goodies for example)  without the inconveniences that can also bring with it. And you get the benefit of the home owners local knowledge.
Currently representing properties in London and New York, One Fine Stay has gorgeous homes from the classically styled to the eclectic and modern, and it seems a lot of them happily allow babies, toddlers and children. You can specify in your search. Though not a specifically "family accommodation" agency, One Fine Stay  seems the antidote to the regular scenario of seeing the dream accommodation only to find the 'No Children' rule in place.

Which means you could find yourself walking back to this after being at the local markets in Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

Or wondering through an area dear to my heart, Fulham London, and coming 'home' to this. Central, family friendly and full of gorgeous shops, parks, pubs and restaurants. You can also easily get the family over to Richmond Park for some cycling or deer spotting.

I think there is a delightful danger that future holidays might be determined by where we can stay rather than where we'd like to go.....don't you think?

*found via here

**we have that very same tablecloth above on our kitchen table if you're interested. I bought it from John Lewis in Sloane Square. It oilcloth. Best stuff ever for the family table.

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