May 2, 2012

Stylish Bedtime

I came across RaFa Kids while searching the internet for bedding for my bigger boys. Quirky design, great colours, pleasant for me to look at as well as lovely for them to sleep on. RaFa-kids fills that wish list and they have amazing beds to put that bedding on.
Owned and operated by a couple of architects from the Netherlands who are themselves the parents of two boys, their mission is simple, " make good and affordable quality design objects for children".

This combination is the the 'F bunk bed' with the 'R toddler bed' placed underneath. The position of the  toddler bed is easily changed due to the wheels at one end. The 'F bunk bed' used alone would allow your child to use the underneath space for play or study. They make a very stylish space saver.
You can pre-order now for availability at the end of May.

I love the bedding. Hand printed and 100%cotton, the designs are unique and each is produced in a small series. Each bedding range is created by an individual designer/s.


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