May 4, 2012

Alfie's Friday Favourite

"Waddler was born of an adventure". Isn't that the most wonderful thing to be able to say about your business? The creators behind Waddler left London and moved to South America when their first little boy was one year old. They now have two sons and regularly return to Bolivia where their collection is produced. Working closely with a team of knitters, the process starts with the grazing Alpacas, the washing and spinning of the wool and of course, ends with the knitting of beautiful garments and accessories. Their clothes are made to Fair trade Standards from 100% baby Alpaca.

The 'Wolf & Bear' hooded jumper is possibly my favourite but I also love the 'Mitten overalls' 

Make sure you have a look at their catalogue images. They share how childhood should be. Carefree and comfortable.

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